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brand introduction

brand introduction

Its "Taomark" is a professional preschool education assembly brand registered by the company. It focuses on the planning, design and production of kindergarten furniture. With preschool education equipment as the core, it creates professional and characteristic products, aiming to provide one-stop services for preschool education in children's growth process. ! The main products are divided into two categories: kindergarten furniture and kindergarten toys. Among them, the furniture is divided into four series: kindergarten tables and chairs, kindergarten beds, kindergarten cabinets, and kindergarten dolls. Toys are divided into two series: kindergarten indoor slides, kindergarten building blocks.

Kindergarten table and chair series

Kindergarten table and chair series:

Taomark is the company's professional kindergarten furniture production and early education furniture brand. Kindergarten tables and chairs include: kindergarten classroom tables and chairs, library tables and chairs, children's training institutions tables and chairs, kindergarten restaurant tables and chairs, children's reading tables and chairs, etc.

Kindergarten showcase series

Kindergarten showcase series:

Kindergarten furniture is the necessary supporting equipment for kindergartens, mainly including kindergarten desks and chairs, kindergarten beds, kindergarten bookcases, shoe cabinets, schoolbag cabinets, cloakrooms, toy cabinets, kindergarten slides and so on. According to the different materials used, kindergarten furniture can be divided into two categories: wooden kindergarten furniture and plastic kindergarten furniture.
So, do kindergartens choose wood or plastic when buying kindergarten furniture for babies? So for kindergartens, which kindergarten furniture is wooden or plastic?
In fact, the safety of kindergarten furniture has little to do with whether the material is plastic or wood. The same plastic materials include non-toxic and tasteless food-grade imported plastics, and there are also low-quality plastic materials with serious pollution; the same is the wood, which is environmentally friendly natural solid wood, and there are also poor-quality synthetic boards. Therefore, the selection of kindergarten furniture should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Material selection: Be sure to choose kindergarten solid wood furniture or non-toxic and tasteless food-grade plastics, and must not choose inferior plastic materials and synthetic boards.

Kindergarten bed series

Kindergarten bed series:

Second, see whether the workmanship is fine: when choosing kindergarten furniture, good quality workmanship will be very fine. The edges and corners will be rounded, the paint surface is smooth, and it will feel very comfortable to touch the surface with hands. The bottom of the kindergarten tables and chairs are equipped with moisture-proof and non-slip pads, and the colors and patterns are uniform and natural, etc. These small details can be obtained from The side reflects whether the manufacturer of kindergarten furniture is attentive.
3. Try whether it is firm and firm: When choosing furniture in kindergartens, you must first test the firmness of the furniture. We can try to push and shake, if it feels loose or prone to tipping, then don't buy it to avoid accidents in the future.
Fourth, in addition to the above methods, the selection of kindergarten furniture must choose a manufacturer that specializes in the production of kindergarten furniture with quality assurance. First of all, factory direct sales can maximize profits to customers and lower prices. Secondly, the manufacturers specializing in the production of kindergarten furniture will also be more professional, and the details will be more suitable for the needs of children, and the children will be more satisfied and safe to use; in addition, professional factory prices also correspond to professional ones.

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